SuperCap is a 3D capacitance field solver. It is based on floating random walk method, extracts capacitances among conductors by solving Laplace equation of electrostatic field.

As a field solver, SuperCap is much more accurate than the rule-based capacitance extractors. On the other hand, benefitted from the characteristics of floating random walk method, SuperCap has some advantages on performance, such as less runtime and memory usage, over the traditional capacitance field solvers based on FDM, FEM, and BEM.

The application scenarios of SuperCap can be:

1) the verification of parasitic extraction tool, optimization of process technology and DTCO in foundries;

2) layout verification of high-quality FPD, the verification of touch-panel design;

3) high-precision parasitic extraction for critical net, circuit block, or small-scale full-chip layout of ICs.

SuperCap can be applied for trial. Contact us with your company e-mail to get further information.

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